Installation Instructions - LED Atmosphere Lights

Use this guide in order to help you install your LED Atmosphere Lights!

You can use this link to view app information:

Step 1:

Plug your lights into your 12V socket to ensure they work correctly. After plugging them in, press the red button on top to turn them on.

Step 2:

Find a flat, smooth area and mount your lights. Simply remove the tape's backing and stick them firmly onto the surface. We recommend avoiding carpet surfaces or any other surfaces that may prevent the adhesive from sticking long-term.

Step 3:

Tuck excess wires into your center console. This optional step helps give your Atmosphere Lights a more clean and professional look. Most cars can lift the bottom of the center console to hide excess wires.

Step 4:

Connect to your remote & enjoy!

If you ordered the "Remote Control" version, you should receive a color selection remote that will be automatically connected. You may need to add a 3V lithium battery in order to power your remote. If you ordered the "App" version, you should receive a QR code that you can scan to download the necessary app. You can check out our Atmosphere Light App Guide here.



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